How Bytestamp works?

protect your projects

Upload your document

You can upload a file or a text into Bytestamp and check if it has already been registered on Blockchain. For each file uploaded, a digest (MD5) is produced becoming the document's informatic print. Each file has its unique digest that is recorded within the Datacoin Blockchain, so it enters into the peer-to-peer miners network and it is subjected to the Proof of Work.

Bytestamp validation

The computers of the various miners located around the world have memorized this informatic print (not the document) at the same date and time, so it becomes irrefutable that the digital print had to exist at that a certain date and time. But, since that informatic print can only be produced by the electronic document that you have taken care of, you can prove that you generated it before that date and time.

Everything safe

Keep your ideas, your projects, your works safe. Certifying that a document has been produced before a certain date can serve in a business context by replacing the costs of the notary or in the artistic field for copyright issues and in many other cases.

Freedom of protection

Bytestamp is a time stamping service not based on trust which through a certain date can be affixed to any electronic document: files and texts. It is based on Datacoin, an alternative cryptocurrency of Bitcoin. The document’s informatic print, which can only be produced from that document, is recorded within the Datacoin blockchain and then shared in the peer-to-peer network of miners who submit it to the Proof of Work.